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Exciting News: Unveiling Our New Forum!

Dear JFCBS Wargaming Club Members,

We’re thrilled to announce a major leap forward—the launch of our brand-new forum on the JFCBS Wargaming Club website! This is a significant milestone as we strive to build a dynamic and engaged community for our dedicated wargaming enthusiasts.

Why the Forum?

At JFCBS Wargaming Club, we value the strength of community. Our new forum is meticulously crafted to bring us together, providing a space for dynamic discussions, event planning, and a platform for each of you to actively shape the future of our club.

How to Join:

Embark on this exciting journey by immersing yourself in vibrant discussions. Simply use the button below to complete the registration process. We’ve streamlined it to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding our policies and guidelines.

👉 Register Now

Note: We apologize for any inconvenience; this additional registration step is essential as we expand our offerings. Your past registration primarily covered our newsletter. With the introduction of the forum, we’ve implemented necessary policies requiring acceptance for forum use. Once registered, the admin will approve your account, and you’ll receive an email notification. Don’t forget to check your spam folder, just in case!

What’s in Store:

  • Community-Led Game Nights: Have a game you’re eager to play? Organize spontaneous game nights and invite fellow members to join you. Lead the charge and revel in the games you love.
  • Future Event Discussions: Share your thoughts on upcoming events and actively participate in the decision-making process. This is your space to influence the events that matter most to you.
  • Reserved Seating: For events with limited player counts, you can now reserve your seat by expressing your interest—simply reply to the specific thread. No more worries about missing out on your favorite games!
  • Feedback & Suggestions: Have ideas on how to enhance the club experience? Share your feedback and suggestions regarding the club, the website, and its events. Your input is invaluable as we collectively shape the future of our community.
  • Diverse Topics and Categories: We’re broadening our horizons! Discuss not only wargaming specifics but also board games in general, delve into tabletop adventures, explore the art of tabletop painting, and master the craft of tabletop terrain sculpting. This is just the beginning, with more categories tailored to our members’ needs.

Remember, the future is in your hands, and we encourage each and every one of you to roll those dice and be an active part of our bright journey ahead!

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