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JFCBS Wargaming Club Forum Privacy Policy

1. User Registration and Information:

  • Users are required to provide a valid email address and username for website registration.
  • The provided email address is used for account verification, communication related to website activities, and, with user consent, for newsletters and updates.
  • For inquiries, users can contact website administrators at info@wargaming-club.com or via the contact form in the footer.

2. Data Handling:

  • The website collects and stores only necessary user data for registration and communication purposes.
  • Usernames and passwords are securely stored within the WordPress platform.
  • Email addresses may be used for sending important website-related announcements, newsletters, and updates. Users have the option to unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by sending an email to info@wargaming-club.com or using the contact form in the footer.

3. Privacy and Confidentiality:

  • User data, including email addresses, will not be shared, sold, or disclosed to third parties without explicit user consent.
  • User profiles are visible to other website members, but sensitive personal information should not be shared in public posts.
  • For privacy concerns or requests, users can contact the website administrators at info@wargaming-club.com or via the contact form in the footer.

4. Code of Conduct:

  • Users are expected to adhere to a code of conduct that promotes respectful and inclusive communication.
  • Inappropriate content, including but not limited to offensive language, harassment, or spam, is not allowed and may result in account suspension or banning.

5. Moderation Procedures:

  • Moderators will enforce forum rules and guidelines to maintain a positive and constructive environment.
  • In the case of rule violations, moderators may edit or remove content and, if necessary, suspend or ban user accounts.

6. Newsletter Subscription:

  • Users have the option to subscribe to newsletters for updates and announcements related to the forum. Subscription preferences can be managed in the user account settings.
  • Newsletters may include forum highlights, new features, and relevant community information.

7. User Rights:

  • Users have the right to access and update their account information.
  • Users can request the removal of their account and data by contacting the forum administrators.

8. Dispute Resolution:

  • Disputes or concerns related to forum activities should be communicated to the forum administrators via the provided contact information.

9. Changes to the Policy:

  • This policy may be updated to reflect changes in forum operations or in response to user feedback. Users will be notified of any significant changes.

10. Contact Information:

  • For inquiries, concerns, or requests related to this policy, users can contact the forum administrators at info@wargaming-club.de or via the contact form in the footer.

By using this forum, users acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.

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