Wargaming Club



Hello to everyone!

We hope everybody is doing fine despite these somewhat exaggerated temperatures. We would like to pass the following information to you:

BIGGEST ISSUE: Finding a room for the club

Some of you have kindly offered to help find a room for the club, and I truly appreciate your efforts. We have been in discussions with the authorities responsible for space allocation at JFCBS, but unfortunately, there hasn’t been any progress. We would like to request the French and British members to inquire whether their delegations can offer us temporary usage of a room, perhaps the Brits Club in building 306?

Vacant Position: Vice Chairperson

Sadly, Peter (SVK) will be leaving JFCBS at the end of July, which means the position of Vice Chairperson will become vacant. It is crucial that someone other than a German takes up this role. We are in need of volunteers!

The club’s website is now online

A big thank you to Marco, who has done a fantastic job! Our club’s website is now updated and live. You can visit it at: https://wargaming-club.com/ If you have any ideas for content or would like to contribute to the website, please let me know.

JFCBS Family Day – September 8

We will have a small presentation table, or perhaps even a fully equipped command post, to showcase our club to all JFCBS members and their families. We welcome any ideas and volunteers to help with this event.

Club Board Meeting

We will be organizing a Club board meeting in the near future. More details will follow soon.

Future Events

We have some exciting events lined up, including a Memoir ’44 tournament in cooperation with Briagede 44, open game nights every fortnight, a board game convention in autumn, and many more. Stay tuned for updates!

We wish you a fantastic holiday season, wherever you may be. We hope to see you at the table soon (next game night on July 6 at DEU Bar).

Always remember to check your supply lines and take care.

Best Regards

Wargaming Club